Expansion Towards Pristine Flatness (Modern Concern, Apr 2022)
My Living Children (Igreja Universal, May 2021)
Paper and Screen (Teorema di Gasparo, Dec 2020)
Nec nos videamus (Cavern Brew Records, Mar 2020)
Mrs. Mary-Ellen Fitzgerald (7FORM, Nov 2019)
SCREEN=NOEMA 24/7‼️ ビージーエム🌠スタート! (Self Released, Jul 2019)
Errant Wanderings (7FORM, Mar 2019)
Hyperstimulation Mix (7FORM, Mar 2019)
"Che vuoi?" (Self Released, Mar 2019)
Memphis Mix for the 1-9 (Self Released, Feb 2019)
Technique of Voyeur (Teorema di Gasparo, Feb 2019)
唯物史観のヴィッセンシャフト (7FORM, Jan 2019)
Untitled Critique (Self Released, Sep 2018)
Improvisation for 30 mixing boards; Composition for solo tape (Self Released, Sep 2018)
Onkyo Brut (Self Released, Aug 2018)
Mixing Board, Contact Microphone, Pedals, and Objects With Two Recordings (Self Released, May 2018)
Pieces (Self Released, Feb 2018)
Dream Journal (Self Released, Feb 2018)
t͡ʃai̯​.​ˈniːz mjuːzɪk (Self Released, Oct 2017)
Mandalic Hallways (Self Released, Aug 2017)