enfance, branler (Teorema di Gasparo, Mar 2021)
Halloween Split Series 20.5 with Virtual Boy (Cavern Brew Records, Oct 2020)
Duets & Trio with the Holed Up Records crew (Holed Up Records, Jul 2020)
Transit Genesis in the bronzer Inc(id)ense Act with Amadeus Brandylux (Self Released, May 2020)
Places with Beauty Without Mercy (Holed Up Records, Apr 2020)
schh766Hb_lol as -_- (7FORM, Dec 2019)
A Lichen Colony of the Sandstone Riprap with Amadeus Brandylux (7FORM, Sep 2019)
Champville / Dead Nerve with Dead Nerve (Teorema di Gasparo, Apr 2019)
门诊部⊷OUT PATIENT as Rat Bastard (7FORM, Apr 2019)
Landscape in Triptych Form with Hejl & Conchobhar Ó Duarcáin (In Plain Sight Recordings, Feb 2019)
Depth of Field as పాక్షిపాక్షిపాక్షి (7FORM, Feb 2019)
Rehearsal Demo 1 with Edmund Jaye (Self Released, Jan 2019)
北京市轨道交通禁止携带物品图例 as 我他妈的讨厌火车集体 (7FORM, Jan 2019)
isolation field / parapraxial mush with Luiz Jairo (7FORM, Jan 2019)
International Kissing Day with Patrick Totally (7FORM, Jan 2019)
Halloween Split Series 18.5 with Eric Stratos (Cavern Brew Records, Oct 2018)
Onkyo Brut with Edmund Jaye, Sami & XII.5 (Self Released, Aug 2018)