Héloïse Schumacher, Jiang XiaMeng, et al.


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Collected Works

階級意識 - 唯物史観のヴィッセンシャフト (9 Jan 2019)


Quiet, simple field recordings with minimal electroacoustic improvisations.

Untitled Critique album art

Jiang XiaMeng - Untitled Critique (21 Sep 2018)


Two noisy EAI pieces, one very threadbare and one based around a field recording. I very much like this release.

t͡ʃai̯.ˈniːz mjuːzɪk album art

Kazumi Tsuru - t͡ʃai̯.ˈniːz mjuːz (14 Oct 2017)


An eclectic tape concrete cutup with EAI, noise, some other stuff, a black metal thing at the end. I like it.

Rehearsal Demo I album art

Jiang XiaMeng / Edmund Jaye - Rehearsal Demo I (27 Jan 2019)


A lo-fi experiment in anti-power electronics. Tape samples and bubbling electroacoustics with calm spoken word (selections from Augustine's City of God, Husserl's Ideas, and data-mined Minecraft servers)

Pieces album art

Jiang XiaMeng - Pieces (19 Feb 2018)


A series of small, quiet field recordings and snippets of electroacoustics followed by a strange EAI piece.

Onkyo Brut album art

雑貨理盤 a.k.a. 江霞梦 (Jiang XiaMeng) - Onkyo Brut (4 Aug 2018)


Definitely one of my favorite things I have made. This album is a series of improvisations, mostly electroacoustic and mostly collaborations with good friends.

Mixing Board etc. album art

Jiang XiaMeng - Mixing Board, Contact Microphone, Pedals, and Objects With Two Recordings (3 May 2018)


Says what it is on the tin. I quite like this recording. I find it very calming.

Mandalic Hallways album art

Myra Siewert - Mandalic Hallways (11 Aug 2017)


Field recording, drone, electroacoustics. The real centerpieces here are the black metal and dungeon synth sections.

Landscape in Triptych Form album art

Hejl / XiaMeng Jiang / Conchobhar Ó Duarcáin - Landscape in Triptych Form (24 Feb 2019)


A great three-way split. Each piece paints an aural landscape using collages of field recordings.

Koenji album art

Jiang XiaMeng - 高円寺 (14 Jun 2018)


A simple electroacoustic improvisation that I like a lot.

isolation field parapraxial mush album art

Luiz Jairo / Héloïse Schumacher - isolation field / parapraxial mush (21 Jan 2019)


A great split influenced by the onkyo scene. Luiz presents deep web explorations, I channel Anthony Braxton and experiment with spoken word.

Improvisation for Thirty Mixing Boards album art

Jiang XiaMeng - Improvisation for 30 mixing boards; Composition for solo tape (3 Sep 2018)


The first song is an improvisation using 30 mixing boards. The second is a composition using a solo tape.

International Kissing Day album art

Patrick Totally / Héloïse Schumacher - International Kissing Day (12 Jan 2019)


A split with Patrick Totally (469) where we both contribute fun improvisatory experiments.
Hurricane Noise Wall album art

Frying Pan Ocean Cam - Hurricane Noise Wall (13 Sep 2018)


This is more or less a joke release, but it actually sounds pretty good. The audio is taken from a livestream of some structure in the middle of a hurricane.

Halloween Split album art

Eric Stratos / Jiang XiaMeng - Halloween Split Series 18.5 (26 Oct 2018)


A Halloween-themed split I did with Eric Stratos. His side is a hypnagogic sound collage deal, mine is a cheeky minimal improvisation.

Halcyon Phase album art

Llewellyn Tolvaj - Halcyon Phase (4 Apr 2018)


An EP of noisy lo-fi loose guitar improv. There is some nice tape sampling as well. It's a good spot of fun.

Dream Journal album art

Myra Siewart - Dream Journal (19 Feb 2018)


A strange blend of noise, field recordings, and new age.

Che vuoi album art

Æþyl Ryðenne | Kazumi Tsuru | Jiang XiaMeng - "Che vuoi?" (5 Mar 2019)


An EAI set with needlepoint nimb, contact mic play, and many strange tapes. It's the culmination of two years of scrounging interesting cassettes and VHS tapes.

Bottom-Left Regression album art

Héloïse Schumacher - Bottom Left Regression (28 Jun 2017)


The first album I released, exploring vague field recording, drone, and noise ideas. It varies a lot in quality from song to song.

Beijing album art

我他妈的讨厌火车集体 - 北京市轨道交通禁止携带物品图例 (23 Jan 2019)


A rip roarin noise V/A comp

Aboleth's Dwelling album art

Stone Passageways - The Aboleth's Dwelling (17 Jan 2019)


A very small experiment in dungeon synth filth.